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Streamlight TLR-4 $159

Streamlight TLR-4 is a LED 110 Lumen Weapon Light & Laser it attaches to you rail on a pistol or AR-15, The Light & laser offers similar features of a Military level lights but falls into a practical price range at only $159.

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13 White Lighting Rimfire Exploding Targets $38

White Lighting Rimfire exploding Targets are smaller version of a binary exploding target with some similarities to Tannerite.  They are much louder for their size and are easier to detonate as they are designed for Rimfire, pistol or even shotgun can make these targets go boom! 13 targets per kit only $38

Tannerite Exploding Rifle Target Kit of Four 1/2lb $24

Four 1/2 lb exploding Targets by Tannerite, The original binary exploding Target. Tannerite Rifle targets are a Binary explosive that will only detonate when shot with a high power rifle bullet traveling at 2000 fps or faster only $24